About Us

We started Exotic Trim Keys with one thing in mind, luxury. It takes a lot to own a luxury vehicle, and chances are that you’ve made some unique alterations to your vehicle to help showcase some of those high-end features that add to the glitz and glam of owning a luxury car. So why not go all out and make sure your keys speak luxury too?


For the last several years, we’ve worked hard to develop an online platform allowing users to completely customize they’re snakeskin leather key fob case, by only sourcing from our high-end leather crafters, we are staying in line with what it means to truly life a life of luxury.  


Each piece is crafted on a pre-order basis. Each piece we create is unique, the client selects his/her choice of key fob model, leather color, and stitching color on our online product customizer. Each Exotic Trim Keys piece is cut and stitched by hand. Several man hours of work goes into creating each uniquely designed piece for the client. We certify the originality of the item on a uniquely designed card of authenticity, that is provided inside each order of the client.


To further embody just what it means to live a life of luxury, the team at Exotic Trim Keys has worked hard to source all of our materials only from the most high-end leather crafters in the nation. To match the quality of your luxury vehicle, we had to be sure our snakeskin leather carried the same high-end aesthetic, appeal, and appreciation. Our key fob cases are more than a simple leather pouch, they are a luxury accessory specifically designed to compliment your luxury vehicle. They are fitted, molded leather cases with detailed knife cut-outs to allow easy access to buttons, to provide visibility of the vehicle brand logo, and to showcase other unique features. We only use the highest grade of snakeskin leather and quality stitching materials for our handmade pieces. Our online platform gives every user complete control over their piece. Users have the ability to customize everything from the thread color to different leather combinations, so that they can further accent the high-end features and perks of owning a luxury vehicle. 


Our luxury vehicle accessories are currently specifically designed for model makes that are listed on our website, we are constanlty updating our software with the latest makes and models of additional and current luxury vehicle brands to pave the way for an endless list of customizable luxury car accessories. Check back frequently to see our newest supported makes and models!